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Please check to see if we are availble for your date.

-- Special Concert Sound and lighting Pricing -- (based on a crowd of 2,000 people)

Audio Package Only: $1,200 - with system tech, ground stacked line array can cover up to 2,000 people (normally $1,650)

LED Lighting Package Only: $1,000 - with light operator, 2 moving heads ground stacked, 10 LED color changers (normally $1,500)

Audio and Lighting Package: $2,200 - above packages combined

Video Projection Package: $1,500 - 2 high output projectors, 2 10x14 foot front or rear project screens, laptop and ProPresenter (normally $2,000)

Full Production: $3,700 - All of the smaller packages plus a video projection operator (4 technicians total). (Dose not include any pipe and drape or Staging)

**travel over 30 miles not included**

Concert Stages Starting at $1,200.00 for a 16 X 24 with a roof $2,400.00


Audio rental available please contact us!

Sound rental available please contact us!

audio equipment rental available please contact us!

presentation equipment rental available please contact us!


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