Bike-O-Rama Stages Truss w Start/Finish Line Event Audio Production Bike Tour Support

WC Sounds & Bicycles International Joining forces to be there for your event!

Thank you for considering WC Sounds and Bicycles International for your event! We are excited to be a part of it and provide our services to make it a success. Here is an overview of our offerings and pricing:

  1. Bike-O-Rama:

    • One technician can check approximately 12 bikes per hour at a rate of $400 per hour.
    • Two technicians can check approximately 24 bikes per hour at a rate of $550 per hour.
    • Three technicians can check approximately 36 bikes per hour at a rate of $700 per hour.
    • Four technicians can check approximately 48 bikes per hour at a rate of $900 per hour.
  2. Truss with Start/Finish Line:

    • The truss has a maximum size of 15 feet high and 20 feet long.
    • It can accommodate a 15′ x 5′ banner.
    • The cost for the truss is $1,000. It can be set up smaller if needed.
  3. Stage:

    • Bicycles International Event trailer rental:

      • The platform area is 18 feet x 12 feet and can be used as a stage or event command center.
      • The rental cost is $750 per day.
    • Mobile stage rental:

      • The stage size is 26 feet x 20 feet and is suitable for event performances.
      • The rental cost is $5,000 per day.
  4. Event Audio or FOH Sound Systems:

    • Small system (up to 250 people) costs $350 per hour (minimum 4-hour booking).
    • Medium system (up to 550 people) costs $550 per hour (minimum 4-hour booking).
    • Medium to Large system (550-3,000 people) costs $750 per hour (minimum 4-hour booking).
    • Large system (up to 3,000-10,000 people) costs $3,750 per hour (minimum 4-hour booking).
  5. Extra Available Production Services:

    • Power Distribution: $150.00.
    • Microphones (including stand and cable): $10 each.
    • Monitors (Stage or IEM): $75 each.
    • Stage Lighting starting at $1,250.
  6. Bike Tour Support Vehicle (SAG Truck/Van Rentals):

    • The cost is $580.00 for a minimum of 4 hours, which includes a truck or van and driver for local area trips.
    • Additional costs may apply for renting gear and travel to tours outside the Sarasota area.
    • The support vehicle has limited space, so participants will need to provide their own transportation to the start of the ride or arrange a shuttle with us.
    • The vehicle is an open pickup truck with a rack system that can carry up to 6 bikes or a van with only 1 extra seat.

Please note the following:

  • Adequate power supply must be provided for the sound systems.
  • We recommend planning and booking early to secure your event date.
  • A deposit or advertising/sponsorship plan, along with a signed contract, is required to confirm the booking.
  • Services can be partially traded for advertising/sponsorship value, subject to agreement.
  • If trading services for advertising, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required, naming both Bicycles International and WC Sounds as additional insured for your event.

We look forward to discussing your event in more detail and finalizing the arrangements. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or to proceed with the booking process.

Stage Plot Info

Stage Banner Pricing

Introducing our Digitally Printed Mesh Banners for your event needs! Enhance the visual impact of your setup with high-quality banners that are perfect for headers, side displays, and skirts. Check out our offerings:

  1. Header & Side Banners:

    • Size: (1) 37′ x 3′ and (2) 5′ x 15′
    • Mesh Type: 70/30
    • Features: Reinforced hems and grommets every 2′ on all four sides
    • Price: $1,600.00
  2. Header Banner:

    • Size: (1) 27′ x 3′
    • Mesh Type: 70/30
    • Features: Reinforced hems and grommets every 2′ on all four sides
    • Price: $500.00
  3. Skirt Banner:

    • Size: (1) 26′ x 3′
    • Mesh Type: 70/30
    • Features: Reinforced hems on all four sides, Velcro along the top
    • Price: $425.00

Additionally, if you already have your own banners, we offer labor and assembly services for installation:

  1. Header & Side Banners: $900.00
  2. 27′ Header: $275.00
  3. Skirt: $100.00

At WC Sounds & Bicycles International, we strive to provide top-notch products and services for your event requirements. Our banners are digitally printed, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching designs. The mesh material allows for optimal airflow while maintaining durability.

Take your event to the next level with our professionally crafted mesh banners. For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us. Let us help you make a statement at your next event!

Weather Disclaimer:

The parties acknowledge and agree that certain services or the successful execution of the event may be subject to weather conditions that are beyond the control of either party. In the event of adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to severe storms, hurricanes, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, or other acts of nature, both parties shall make reasonable efforts to address any impacts on the agreed-upon services or event. However, it is understood and agreed that neither party shall be held liable for any damages, losses, or additional costs incurred as a result of such weather conditions. The client understands that they are responsible for monitoring weather forecasts and providing a safe environment for the event, taking any necessary precautions or alternative arrangements in the event of adverse weather conditions.